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An Extra In The Family Is The First To Be Abandoned / Side characters are discarded first / The extra are the first to be abandoned / 엑스트라는 가장 먼저 버려진다
I am the youngest princess, abandoned in the Imperial Palace at the age of ten.
The royal family, no longer in power, was caught in the flames of rebellion, and I was the first to be abandoned. So I have to live like Ethel, a commoner. Not Stella, a princess.
After 10 years, until I returned to the royal palace where I was abandoned, because they wanted to see me
“I need a replacement”
That’s what my sister, the first princess, told me.
“Replace for my missing sister”
“That’s a tempting offer, but I don’t want it, princess.”
“Isn’t that a great offer?”
The threat is so clear, I will take my family hostage. So I went back to the palace to play the role of “myself substitute”. Humiliating people who don’t recognize me
I will not forgive them. They tried to win the heart of the princess who awakened her powers, but in the end, I abandoned them.
“In the end, I’ll be happy”
“The splendid return of the abandoned princess.”
Extras Are The First To Be Abandoned