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From the Novel:
Diet? What is it? It was me who had lived my whole life as a mother-to-be.
But who the hell is this moonball reflected in the mirror?
When I came to my senses, I was already in the bridle of merciless grass cutting and 100 endless squats.
… I might die before losing weight.
“How about it, is it worth it?”
It’s because of that devilish master!
But even in that hell, a romance finally sprouts… .
* * *
“I am handsome. Didn’t you say you like handsome men?”
I stopped breathing for a moment as his face came right in front of my nose.
A sweet voice whispered in my ear.
“I have a good body thanks to training, and I have a lot of money at home because I am a craftsman. Because he is the leader of the knights, he has honor and power. And I will only look at you.”
His eyebrows curled up nicely.
“Do you still want to meet me?”
Oh God. Why are you giving me such an ordeal?
Seeing my wildly shaking eyes, he said with a laugh as if he was having fun.
“If you keep hesitating, I’m going to double my workout today.”
This devilish bird…
Bahkan Wanita Bangsawan pun Melakukan Diet
Even Noble Ladies Go on a Diet, Too
귀족 영애도 다이어트합니다
귀족영애도 다이어트 합니다