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As usual, I was going home from work.
But suddenly I had an accident. Before I left, I heard someone’s voice in my head.
[I’m Elsia Artise, please save him, please, you can do it!!]
That was the last thing I was aware of before fainting. After opening my eyes, I found myself in a different place…
This place was in a novel that I read before that accident happened!
I already possess the body of Elsia, who will die as soon as the novel begins. There’s only one thing I can do to survive.
It was following Elsia’s request and distorting the original! First, it was to save Ixion, her unrequited love, who was assassinated and killed.
“Prince, I am here to warn you of the assassination that will take place today.”
I succeeded in saving him by using information from the original, I just want to live a comfortable life that has nothing to do with the original.
Until I received a letter…
“I owe you a lot of favors. I hope you will come to the capital immediately because I want to repay this favor with a marriage.”
Ixion’s marriage proposal, which I thought was the end of our relationship.
“Prince, I didn’t save you so you could propose to me?”
Can Elsia peacefully refuse his marriage proposal and return to her comfortable life?