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충직한 검이 되려 했는데 / I Tried To Be Her Loyal Sword / I Was Planning to Become a Loyal Sword
She became a mercenary to earn money for her sick sister’s medicine, and she never took her sword off her hands.
Then one day, I fell down and remembered my previous life. In fact, this place is in a novel about a younger sister in which she is the main character, and I was the daughter of a bloodthirsty devil, Duke Chrysis
I didn’t mean to get involved with Duke Chrissy, but my brother’s illness got worse and I had to go to the duke, and he said, “My daughter doesn’t have to kneel to anyone. Even if this is the emperor of the empire, you won’t be able to bend your knees again.” The Duke of Chrysis, who has no blood or tears, is a little strange.
“If you cry in Shushu’s eyes, it’s only death, you children.” My angelic sister Arya also blackened for some reason.
“You’re the one who saved your life, so you have to take responsibility. Have you forgotten the night you spent with me?”
“I’ve admired you for a very long time. Can’t you give me a piece of you?”
‘Don’t you want to be a queen? Then you be king. I’m the king and father. Is it a kingdom?”
“People think I’m a pope who serves the sun god, but do you know that God is you to me?”
The fish in my brother’s fishing grounds also work on me.
Is the world crazy?