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Read manhwa I’m A Villainess, But I Picked Up the Male Lead / 악녀인데 남주를 주워 버렸다
I possessed the most powerful villainess in a novel, Countess Edina.
To be exact, the villainess who attempted to assassinate the male lead, took his heart, and sold it to a neighboring country.
And so, I tried everything to avoid the male lead until I got his heart back. But then, I happened to find him one bloodied night.
I tried to look away and just leave him there, but his condition was simply too terrible.
‘Just this time, and only this time! I’ll help you and pretend I don’t know anything!’
However, since this is the nth time I run into him, I think it would be better to just leave the male lead there next time.
I’d rather just be nice to him for once, pay my debt, and get over everything!
“No, I don’t need your kindness.”
But… I think the male lead despises me too much…
Can I survive all this?
“I still remember those days when you would poison me and send assassins after me.”
“Yet, once again, I still love the Countess.”
The male lead, who saw me as an enemy just a year ago, is now confessing to me, the villainess.
“Doesn’t this make me seem like I’m crazy?”
I was frozen and couldn’t say anything, but it was I who felt crazy.
“But that’s okay. Because I am a crazy bastard.”
He whispered softly to me in a deep voice.
It wasn’t that I disliked how he’d changed…
Ha. This is all too much. He’s exactly my taste-
What should I do?