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상사와의 수상한 잠자리
Eun-soo is abandoned by her boyfriend, who she had been devoted to for three years. I went to the club on a whim and things went a little strange… … ? “It’s terrible insomnia. But I fell asleep by your side.” ‘Where are you going to sell drugs? After sleeping so well!’ The person she broke up with after getting drunk and really ‘sleep’ says something absurd, saying that he was desperately looking for her. “I want to sleep with you today. You just do it yourself.” However, Eun-soo was able to put him to sleep once more at the insistent demand of a man. While the man is sleeping, she gives a false number and runs away. “Nice to meet you. Eunsoo Chae. I am Seo Do-jin, the general manager.” But a few days later, the new head of the planning team was the man Eun-su left behind as if she was running away that day! “First of all, let’s only date for a year.” They even offer contract dating as a condition of having a ‘night’ together! A one-night relationship that led to a contract relationship, the ending… … ?!