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Read manhwa Trapped in a Cursed Game, but now with NPCs / 망겜 속에 갇혔다 근데 이제 NPC를 곁들인

I’m going to live a normal life! …said Shari Azriel, the apothecary of the Dover village. Then one day, I realised that I possessed an NPC in a video game! I’ve been locked up here for two years, and I only just noticed. If I can’t get out of the game… “A, in their 20’s, was found starved to death while playing VR games.” This could be what I’m remembered as! “I have to get out!” However, it was too late when I came to the realisation that… I can’t log out because of an error! That means, the only way out would be approaching the male lead, “The Lord of Nightmares”, and helping his comrades defeat the final villain. So I have no choice but to wait until the game ends… The difficulty level, the story, the likelihood of failure in such a heinous game, a game that nobody won before… “The Lord of Nightmares has a strong urge to kill you.” Somehow, I believe dying by the male lead’s hands would be faster.